For Immediate Release: June 22, 2020

American Made Staccato P Delivers During Stress Test

The Staccato P proves its reliability and durability during 11,000 round steel cased ammunition test

Staccato PGeorgetown, TX, July 22, 2020 ( – Staccato 2011, LLC, inventors of the 2011® – The World’s Best Shooting Handguns, announced today the release of the “Staccato P Stress Test” video. Built with FlaTec™, the Staccato P is durable, reliable, insanely accurate, and easy to shoot well. The goal of the stress test was to see how the pistol would handle over 10,000 rounds of steel cased ammunition with only lubrication. The results: the Staccato P exceeded all expectations.

“I wanted to see how an ‘out of the box’ Staccato P would perform under extreme conditions,” said Mike Pannone, Staccato’s Director of Research & Development and Product Development. Teaming up with Shawn Armstrong, Staccato Master Gunsmith, Pannone and Armstrong captured a full set of gun specifications before the test. “We knew we’d want to quantify any changes in pre- and post-test measures like slide-to-frame fit, extractor fit, extractor hook length, muzzle velocity,” said Armstrong. The video describes the test and the successful post-test results. Adding lubrication every 2,500 rounds, Pannone fired a total of 11,000 rounds through the Staccato P with no failures. Post-test metrics validated Pannone’s experience. “Slide to frame wear was virtually nonexistent and all key metrics saw nominal (if any) changes,” explained Armstrong.

“This test reinforces how durable and reliable the Staccato P really is – mission-critical factors for professionals and civilians alike,” concluded Pannone.

Proudly designed, engineered, and produced in Texas with 100% American materials and parts, the Staccato P is available for purchase in the Staccato online store. Visit to view the stress test video.


Kristin Marlow
Chief Marketing Officer, Staccato
[email protected]

About Staccato:  Twenty-five years ago, Staccato (formerly STI) revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a whole new gun platform, the 2011®. Built with FlaTec™, the 2011® is the best shooting handgun available and trusted by elite law enforcement teams like the U.S. Marshall’s SOG team, the Texas Rangers, and LAPD Metro. Staccato pistols are approved for use on duty by over 150 agencies across the country. Reliable, durable, insanely accurate, safe, and easy to shoot well, Staccato pistols are fast becoming the pistol of choice for serious professionals and civilians alike. With a lifetime warranty, Staccato handguns are designed, precision engineered, and handcrafted in Georgetown, Texas, and built with American steel and parts. As an American firearms manufacturer, Staccato is proud that over 25% of its team members are veterans and 100% are patriots.