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Staccato, the fastest service pistol

Published: May 11, 2021|By Staccato

Staccato, the fastest service pistol

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Staccato P Ultimate Bundle


Our premium range ready Staccato P bundle offering includes the Staccato P Pistol with DLC Coated Stainless Steel Barrel and X Series Serrations, Trijicon SRO Red Dot and corresponding mounting kit, Surefire X300U-A Weaponlight, Tenicor Malus Sol AIWB Holster, TXC OVRT OWB Holster, TXC OVRT OWB Mag Pouch x2, Staccato Schematic Promat, Grey Staccato Logo Hat, and Staccato 9mm pistol cleaning kit by Otis Technologies.