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The extractor has a very slight up and down movement because the extractor needs the ability to flex and move to maintain proper tension and feeding.

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Take the slide off the frame, remove your recoil system and barrel. Take a round and slide it under the extractor, it should slide in against the breach face with some resistance but have enough pressure to hold it in the slide on its own.

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Torque Specs for 2020 Staccato Pistols

Product Screw

Req. Torque

Thread Lock



2011 Double Stack Grip screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Blue Loctite 242 10-32 1/8 Allen
2011 Single Stack Grip Screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Red Loctite 271 10-32 1/8 Allen
2011 Double Stack Trigger Guard Screws 5 Inch Pounds Blue Loctite 242 4-40 1/16 Allen
2011 Single Stack Trigger Guard Screw 6 – 8 Inch Pounds 4-40 1/16 Allen
DUO iron sight plate screws 15 – 20 Inch Pounds 4×6 8.8 2.5 mm Allen
DUO RMR plate screws 15 – 20 Inch Pounds 4×6 8.8 2.5 mm Allen
RMR mounting screws 20 – 25 Inch Pounds 6-32 5/64 Allen
Delta Point Pro mounting screws 25 Inch Pounds Custom T 15
Carry DUO Plate Screw 10 – 15 Inch Pounds 3/32 Allen
Open frame mount 16 – 20 Inch Pounds 5-40 T 10
* PLEASE NOTE: the torque spcs for the optics and optic plates are not applicable to the HOST plate system.
Do not use these with any Staccato 2011® pistols
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That is the Cerakote GEN II Coyote Tan (Item #: HIR-235)

Here is the link to their site

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The XL and XC are competition ready. Although the XC is being carried by police officers, both guns are built with the intent to compete out of the box.

These contrast from the duty nature of the P and C2 which are more base line offerings that can have additions like optic cuts and magwells added.

The XC:
*Compensator Island Barrel
* Dawson Universal Optic cut
* Slide lighting cuts
* Average of 2.5lb. trigger pull
* Limited production
The XL:
* Slide lighting cuts
* 5.4’’ Slide
* 5.4” barrel
* Adjustable rear target sight
* Magwell
* Average of 2.5lb. trigger pull
* Finish options (hard chrome) and DLC barrel
* Limited production
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Staccato 2011® 2020 Pistol Dimensional Data



Grip Width

Grip Height

Width (with safeties)

Weight (No Mag)

C DUO 7.44″ 1.07″ 5.5″ 1.49″ 26.6oz
7.5″ 1.3″ 4.94″ 25oz
C² DUO 5.5″ 25.66oz (no optic) / 27.1oz (with Delta Point Pro)
P 8″ 1.3″ 5.5″ 33oz
P DUO 33.06oz (no optic) / 34.5 (with Delta Point Pro)
R 8.75″ 1.1″ 5.0″ 35oz
XC 8.4″ 1.3″ 6″ 37.56oz (no optic) / 39oz (with Delta Point Pro)
XL 8.9″ 1.3″ 5.5″ 38oz
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