Magazine Capacity

All STI Magazines are measured by overall length. Below is a table that breaks down each of the available magazine lengths and their capacity by caliber. Length/Caliber 9mm / .38 Super .40 S&W / 10mm .45 ACP 120mm (For VIP Length Pistols only)  16 Rounds  14 Rounds  10 Rounds 126mm 17 Rounds 15 Rounds 11…

Sight Cuts

Below are the details on the sight cuts used on STI Pistols. Front Sights: STI uses the STI/Heinie dovetail –  60° x .300″ width Rear Sights: Rear sight varies based on model but would be LPA, BOMAR or NOVAK. Image Source : LPA vs BOMAR Image Source –

What is Major Power Factor?

In certain forms of competition you will see Power Factor be referenced. This is used to ensure that all competitors are using properly loaded ammunition and to ensure a level playing field. The most commonly used power factors are Major and Minor. While the required Power Factor may change from division to division the way…

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