Staccato 2011® Tactical Pistol Holsters

Duty Holsters

Duty Holsters are designed to be worn on your hip or behind you. This design is so that you can easily access your gun while preventing others from disarming you. This type of holster works well for law enforcement since they need to have access to their guns at a moment's notice.

There are many types of duty holsters that you can choose between. For example, we sell the CompTac Blue Duty brand that's designed to carry lightweight weapons. We also have BlackHawk Holsters that will even work for guns with new attachments or with modifications you may have added on.

Remember that these holsters are designed for you to easily carry your gun while having access to it as soon as you need it. Feel free to review the duty holsters available so you can pick the right one for your situation. After all, you will need one that will feel comfortable while also looking into the Tactical MOLLE Holsters available.

IWB Holsters

Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters work well for people with concealed carry licenses. After all, you will need a place to store your weapon, so you may want an IWB so you can have it nearby while keeping it hidden. An IWB may work better and feel more comfortable than a holster under your shirt, so let's look at some of the options you can choose between.

You can't go wrong with the LAS Shogun or the Saya 2.0 if you want an effective concealed holster. Both of these options focus on providing you with comfort while minimizing the space needed to carry the holster. This is because you need the holster and gun to feel comfortable and to look natural underneath your clothing.

You also have dual carry holsters if you need them. The Southern Trapper model created for Staccato 2011® can go inside or outside your waistband depending on what you prefer. If you want a holster with flexibility, then this would be a great option. Either way, you should definitely consider an IWB holster if you want to have a concealed carry.

OWB Holsters

If you don't want an IWB, then you can get an outside the waistband (OWB) holster instead. This type works well for people who want to go to shooting ranges without needing to carry around in their hands. This way, they can get the gun as needed, but they don't need to worry about hiding or protecting it.

Staccato 2011® offers some solid OWB holster options that you can choose from. For example, you can get the Leather WING, which is made by BlackPoint Tactical, since it's simple to use, and it will be more comfortable for you. You can also get the lighter mounted version if you have a smaller gun that you want to keep secured in the holster.

You can also look into Mod OWB Holster options if they sound more appealing to you. An OWB holster will work well for you if you just want to go to a shooting range and test out your guns. Make sure you consider this option since you can have an easier time accessing it than if you used an IWB.

You will notice a variety of holsters available. You can even purchase magazine carriers and a special adapter to better meet your gun carrying needs. Make sure you review these different types so you can find something that works for you. Whether you want a Cloak Mod OWB or even a Foam Wedge, we have many options available.

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