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If you plan to get a concealed carry in your state, you should make sure you look over single- and double-stack magazines. After all, different types of guns will use a single-stack or double-stack magazine, so it's important to look over the types available. Here is what you should know about the differences between a single-stack and a double-stack magazine.

What's the Difference Between Single- and Double-Stack Magazines?

Single-stack magazines and double-stack magazines are pretty straightforward when you compare their differences. A single-stack mag is when the magazine only has one row of bullets whereas a double-stack mag will have two rows for your ammunition. This design creates some notable differences between the two.

For example, a single-stack pistol will only provide a single row of bullets. It will also have a slimmer grip, and it will weigh less than a gun with a double-stack inside of it. The bullets line up in a single row for this stack, which allows you to easily reload it whenever you run out of ammo.

A double-stack gun has two rows of bullets, which allows it to carry more ammo. Due to this additional ammunition, the gun will weigh a few extra pounds in comparison to a single-stack gun. Double-stack guns will sometimes have a staggered arrangement, which will alternate between the rows when refilling your gun.

In short, the main differences between single and double stacks are the widths of them and the number of bullets they can carry. These differences cause them to be useful for various situations, and you may notice that you may prefer over the other type.

The Pros and Cons of Single and Double Stack

Both single- and double-stack magazines have their pros and cons that you need to review. Some of them may seem obvious on the surface, but you may not notice some of the other ones initially. Let's review some of the major pros and cons between these two different types of stacks.

Single-stack magazines will have a thinner grip, which will make the gun easier to hold in your hand. These also take less time to reload, and they weigh less. On the other hand, single-stacks can't carry as much ammo as double stacks, and you will need to reload them more often.

A double stack carries more bullets in a single magazine, so you don't need to reload it as often as a single stack. On top of this, double stacks will give you more shots in general, which makes them better for custom shooting ranges. However, double stacks take more time to reload, and they will weigh more than single stacks.

With these points in mind, both the single-stack and double-stack magazines have their own advantages for you to consider. Due to this, you need to ensure that you consider these pros and cons so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. However, there are other points you need to think about if you plan to use it as a concealed carry.

Is Double or Single Stack Better for a Concealed Carry?

While a double stack does have its advantages, a single stack would be better as a concealed carry. A double stack can carry more bullets, but you won't need that many during an emergency situation. In an emergency, you hopefully won't need to fire your gun at all, let alone a dozen times.

On top of this, double stacks are a thicker fit than single stacks, so they will be heavier, and it will be more difficult to carry them around. On top of this, a double stack will have a wide grip, so it will be harder to conceal your gun and properly carry it. A wider grip can also be harder to hold and to control in an emergency situation.

Even though a single stack is better as a concealed carry, you may want to choose a double stack. However, you should review the concealed carry laws in your area to ensure you don't carry an illegal firearm. This could include single and double stack differences, so make sure you keep your local governance in mind as you pick one.

No matter which type of magazine you decide on for your everyday carry, Staccato 2011® provides quality handgun magazines in both categories. Order online today!

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