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STACCATO – C2 – 2021


With more capacity when you need it, the Staccato C2 is equipped with a double-stack magazine. Compact and lightweight, the C2 is durable, reliable, insanely accurate, and easy to shoot well.

Lead Time: 60-90 days (Staccato Fast-Track: 21 days)

*Optic Not Included*

Looking for an Optic-Ready Option (DPO – Dawson Precision® Optic)?

Patent Pending

Production Options

This pistol is eligible for expedited production. The average production timeline for a Staccato pistol is 90 days, as each pistol is engineered and handcrafted to order. By selecting “Staccato Fast-Track,” the production timeline for this pistol will be 21 days. The “Staccato Fast-Track” fee of $275 will be added to the gun’s total price and is non-refundable. Please note that not all models are eligible for expedited production.

For CALIFORNIA,  if you are not an active law enforcement officer, you CANNOT purchase any Staccato firearm

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Built for Heroes


Barrel 3.9 inch Bull Barrel
Finish Diamond Like Carbon, Black
Magazines 3x 16-Round Magazines
Trigger 4 lbs with Ambi Safety Levers
Dawson Precision Perfect Impact® Sights
Front Fiber Optic
Rear Dawson Charger
Recoil System 3.9 Recoil Master Light
Grip 2011® G2, Officer Length, Black
Frame Lightweight Alloy Frame w/ Accessory Rail
Caliber 9mm
Dimensions Length 7.5 x Grip Width 1.3 x Height 4.94 – Width at Safeties 1.49
Weight 25 oz Empty - no mag


This pistol was my first purchase into the 2011 world and I'm very impressed with it so far! I have about 1000 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions will be going into carry duty..

Edward Waddell / Youtube

I have the P and the DUO versions of the C and C2.I’ve carried all three and they all serve their purpose.I will carry the P mainly when I’m also wearing a coat or jacket because of its larger size. It is the best shooting of the three for me. The C will he carried when I really need deeper concealment, but the C2 will get the most holster time. It’s only slightly bigger than a Glock 19 in the grip so it’s not overtly difficult to conceal.All three are great to shoot, accurate, and have been 100% reliable.

TheLegoJoker / Youtube

The Staccato C2, Compact firearms with a full-size firearm capacity.

Zuludowntactical / Instagram

Rocking a #staccatoc2duo for my edc. Gun has run flawlessly…

Theposeuroperator / Instagram

Video Reviews

Inspiring confidence in shooters of all skill levels

Reliable, Durable, Insanely Accurate, Easy to Shoot Well

Staccato 2011