Dual Carry Leather Holster for Staccato 2011® Pistols by Southern Trapper (Out of Stock)

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This dual carry leather holster by Southern Trapper is ideal for both OWB (outside the waistband) and IWB (inside the waistband) and is entirely made by hand for each specific Staccato firearm. Quickly transition from OWB to IWB by attaching the durable metal IWB clips that securely fasten to the belt slots. Wet molded with over two tons of pressure, each holster will fit like a glove. Made from the highest grade American cowhide leather, this leather holster will not scratch the finish off of your firearm. The full size sweat guard provides exceptional comfort and prevents moisture transfer from your body to the firearm. The reinforced leather trim piece is built to prevent the mouth of the holster from collapsing, which provides an easy and reliable draw and reholster. Each holster has excellent retention and your firearm will be securely positioned in the holster. The holster will cover the full barrel and trigger guard of your firearm. The dual wings will distribute the weight of the firearm evenly across your belt and will form the shape of your body. Backed by an unbeatable 100-year warranty, this holster is ready for a lifetime of use and abuse.


  • What is the cant (angle) of the belt slots – each holster will come standard with a 15-degree forward cant.
  • Are the metal clips adjustable – Yes, you will be able to adjust the metal clips for rise (how high the holster sits above or below the belt) and cant (angle)
  • How wide are the belt slots – The belt slots are cut to fit fit a 1.5″ gun belt.
  • How wide are the metal clips – The metal clips are made for a 1.5″ wide gun belt.
  • What happens if I lose my clips – Replacement clips are available for $5 per set.
  • Can I adjust the retention of the holster – The holster does not come with a retention screw. You will be able to break the holster in by following the break in instructions that come with the holster.
  • How do I break the holster in – You will receive break in instructions with your holster.
  • Are the metal clips tuckable? – Yes, you will be able to tuck your shirt in around the metal clips.
  • What does the 100-year warranty cover? –  Our warranty covers any issues that arise from workmanship. Workanship includes: Thread coming undone, leather ripping, ETC.
  • What is not covered by the 100-year warranty? – The warranty applies to products used responsibly and damage caused by misuse will not be covered. For example: if your dog chews up the holster, you fall off an ATV and the holster rips apart, or If your holster falls into murky saltwater while you are wrestling gators causing it to shrink and change colors. We will always attempt to repair it but we will not make an entirely new holster for you. Exposure to chemicals like chlorine, detergent, and conditioners may result in a breakdown of material, which will not be covered by our warranty.

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