Staccato C Full Size Dark Side Precision Grip Swap Service



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This service will convert your existing 2022+ Model Year Staccato C from a compact officer sized grip to a full size government sized grip.

Service includes:

  • New full size single stack grip module custom hand stippled by Darkside Precision.
  • New mainspring and mainspring cap.
  • 3 New full size 10 round single stack magazines.
  • Shipping cost of pistol both ways.
  • Ammunition for test fire.
  • Labor.

Service utilizes existing trigger and mag catch from your Staccato C Pistol.

After purchasing a service, you will receive an email with a link to fill out the full service request form.

NOTE: This service is only available to model year 2022 and newer Staccato C Pistols that shipped from the factory with the tactical texture grip.

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