Staccato 2011® DualPoint™ Light Mounted IWB Holster by BlackPoint Tactical



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Appendix is the popular carry position we all have endured a love/hate relationship with, but BlackPoint has developed a dedicated solution. The DualPoint™ was introduced in the summer of 2017 and has quickly become one of the most popular holsters on the market for appendix carry. Now, due to customer demand, we are launching the DualPoint™ Light Mounted holster. The DualPoint™ Light Mounted holster retains many of the most popular features of the DualPoint™ holster but most importantly, you no longer have to remove your light/laser from your blaster to carry AIWB.

The DualPoint™ is designed from the ground up to be the ultimate appendix holster. The overall footprint of the holster is minimized (even with a light or laser) through the use of innovative molding techniques and design characteristics which provide a feature set unmatched by any other appendix holster on the market today. The one-piece design, folded from the trigger guard side, allows us to incorporate a side mounted strut loop that aids in concealment by pushing the grip in toward the body, significantly reducing how much the gun prints. Featuring user adjustable ride height and cant, you can customize the fit of the holster to find the perfect spot that is most comfortable for daily wear. A full set of additional accessories will be available for this new holster ranging from an integrated accessory pouch to a comfort pad which will attach to the rear of the holster.

Appendix carry has a few distinct advantages not offered by other carry positions which include: easier to access in the car or while seated, holster is center-line of the body so no width is added to the user’s overall profile, allows for a more natural and discrete draw because of gun position, easier to secure and retain with its forward position, allows for easier ambidextrous draw, and does not inadvertently become exposed from bending over.

The DualPoint™ can also be converted to a minimal OWB carry platform, maximizing the value to the end user. All needed hardware to make this conversion is included in every box.

Optional mag carrier shown sold separately and only compatible with Blackpoint Dualpoint holsters.