TXC X1 Ally IWB Sidecar Holster

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This holster is for right hand shooters and only compatible with Staccato C2 and Staccato P 4.4 models!

The TXC Holsters X1: ALLY is our one-stop-shop solution to a sidecar style carry. An attached magazine carrier is paired with the holster by either shock cord or our Steady Flex Kit to give you the most efficient and effective EDC solution.

  • The X1: ALLY comes with standard plastic clips (1.75” Grip Hook) by default, but can be upgraded to tuckable soft loops or Discreet Carry Concepts Mod 4 clips
  • The X1: ALLY comes standard with an attached Modwing on the front, and built-in concealment wedge on the back to maximize comfort and reduce printing
  • Two-piece design allows for frontside and backside color customization
  • Adjustable retention
  • Custom Staccato 2011 print only available here.

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