Bob Keller

Gamut Resolutions, LLC is a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to providing the tactical or practical coaching needed to survive any anticipated or unanticipated situation. Students learn to use both their primary and secondary weapons to engage numerous targets from various ranges, under changing conditions, while employing target discrimination and sound tactical judgement with quick, surgical precision. Gamut Resolutions’ mission is not only to train you better than anybody else, but also to give you an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime.  Bob Keller and Gamut Resolutions believe wholeheartedly in the success and effectiveness of the methods and values upon which they train, but mostly importantly, they believe in the ability and inherent success of every student they teach.

Kyle Defoor

Mr. Defoor, former U.S. Navy SEAL and Vice President of Defoor Proformance Shooting, brings over 25 years of shooting experience to Staccato.

DPS provides tactical solutions through training to U.S. military, law enforcement and government entities, as well as pistol and rifle training for qualified civilians. Formed in 2010, DPS is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that delivers the most current tactical training and industry 
consulting available to government agencies, law enforcement officers and military units. Defoor Proformance 
Shooting specializes in small arms combat marksmanship, modern sniper operations, low visibility operations, and battlefield proven room clearing methods. Our instructors are decorated Special Mission Unit combat veterans and LE officers who have served hundreds of high risk warrants. Since 2010 we have trained an average of 1500 students a year serving multiple government contracts with discretion.

Tom Spooner

Tom Spooner’s service to our nation in the U.S. Army spanned nearly twenty-one years (1990-2011). His career included time in the 82nd Airborne as a Green Beret in the US Army’s 7th Special Forces Group and, ultimately, in the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta as an Operator. His military career included 12 combat rotations for a total of 40 months time in combat.

After retiring from the Army, Tom approached his struggles with chemical dependencies, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with the same tenacity and commitment to excellence that he did in his military career. He began speaking candidly about the repercussions of his experience and the reality of the difficulties he had coping with them. Determined to help his community cope with suicide and addiction as a result of their experiences in war, Tom has rededicated his professional efforts to healing. With a voice nearly unmatched in credibility and experience, Tom has successfully enabled thousands of military and law enforcement personnel to acknowledge their struggles, seek treatment, and understand that they are not alone.

He is one of the Co-Founders of Warriors Heart and Original Freedom professional training and coaching.