Concealed Carry Pistols

There are many arguments to be made for owning a concealed carry pistol, and the vast number of models on the market can make choosing the right one a difficult decision. But when it comes to personal defense, the Staccato C Dawson® Precision Optic System and C2 Dawson® Precision Optic System (patent pending) are some of the most important guns you can purchase.

Easy to Conceal, Portable & Convenient

When you’re shopping for a concealed carry pistol, you want to look for three major features: ease of concealment, ease of retrieval, and ease of use. Don’t settle for any old pocket pistol that you won’t actually practice with. A good handgun for self-protection should be compact and lightweight, like the Staccato C Dawson® Precision Optic System, while also containing the reliable power that Staccato 2011® has become known for.

High Capacity

The Staccato C2 Dawson® Precision Optic System is a popular choice with our customers due to its double stack magazine for maximum round capacity in a concealed handgun. The Staccato C2 Dawson® Precision Optic System, a model designed for everyday carry in concealment, features a tactical rail and a fiber optic sight in front and a Dawson charger sight in the rear. It excels on the range and in emergencies.

Controlled Trigger Pull

The trigger pull is directly linked to the control a user has over firing the gun. Knowledge of precisely when the handgun is about to fire will improve user accuracy measurably. Those with poor trigger habits may accidentally fire with an overly light trigger—a common issue among competitor concealed carry handguns. The trigger on the C, on the other hand, has a pull of 4.5 pounds, which is heavy enough to prevent accidents and permit excellent control.

Concealed carry guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the Staccato C Dawson® Precision Optic System and C2 Dawson® Precision Optic System all exhibit the compact reliability necessary that you can bring to the range for practice or conceal for personal defense. When you compare trigger pull statistics for ease of use, no other brand compares to Staccato 2011® quality.