Do you have a torque spec chart?

Torque Specs for 2020 Staccato Pistols Product Screw Req. Torque Thread Lock Thread Tool 2011 Double Stack Grip screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Blue Loctite 242 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Single Stack Grip Screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Red Loctite 271 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Double Stack Trigger Guard Screws 5 Inch Pounds […]

Can I get an extended magazine release or extended magazine release with oversize button for my Staccato 2011® pistol?

As of right now, no one manufactures an extended slide release for any of the Staccato 2020 series pistols. Dawson Precision sells these extended mag releases for the 2011 double stacks but they do not fit the G2 grip: Dawson Precision sells these extended magazine releases for the single stacks, but they do not […]