Do you have a torque spec chart?

Torque Specs for 2020 Staccato Pistols Product Screw Req. Torque Thread Lock Thread Tool 2011 Double Stack Grip screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Blue Loctite 242 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Single Stack Grip Screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Red Loctite 271 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Double Stack Trigger Guard Screws 5 Inch Pounds […]

What are the dimensions and weights for the pistols?

Staccato 2020 Pistol Dimensional Data Pistol Length Grip Width Grip Height Width (with safeties) Weight (No Mag) C DUO 7.44″ 1.07″ 5.5″ 1.49″ 26.6oz C² 7.5″ 1.3″ 4.94″ 25oz C² DUO 5.5″ 25.66oz (no optic) / 27.1oz (with Delta Point Pro) P 8″ 1.3″ 5.5″ 33oz P DUO 33.06oz (no optic) / 34.5 (with Delta […]

How do I check my extractor tension?

Take the slide off the frame, remove your recoil system and barrel. Take a live round and slide it under the extractor, it should slide in with some resistance but have enough pressure to hold it in the slide on its own.