Which pistol can I used for competitions?

USPSA Any of our 9MM, Iron Sight, Non-Compensated pistols can be used in Limited or Limited 10 in minor power factor -Not ideal but is”legal” The Staccato XL in 40S&W is ideal for use in Limited and Limited 10Division The Staccato R is legal for use in Single Stack Division and would be ideal in […]

Do you have a torque spec chart?

Torque Specs for 2020 Staccato Pistols Product Screw Req. Torque Thread Lock Thread Tool 2011 Double Stack Grip screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Blue Loctite 242 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Single Stack Grip Screws 25 – 30 Inch Pounds Red Loctite 271 10-32 1/8 Allen 2011 Double Stack Trigger Guard Screws 5 Inch Pounds […]