Staccato does not endorse or recommend a specific brand or model of optic.
We do recommend using America made optics.
Please note, in the above chart, which optics are listed for the Staccato DUO system.
As an example, the US Marshalls SOG team use the Leupold Delta Point Pro.
Many of these optics are used by law enforcement and we do know that there has been extensive testing with the Delta Point Pro and the RMR/SRO series optics.
The DUO plate used on the C & C² DUO will fit on the Staccato P DUO and XC.
Make sure that you use the correct front sight if you switch the Carry DUO plate to the Tactical DUO plate.


Staccato C DUO, C² / C² DUO Carry, P, R & XL Front Sight Staccato C² DUO Tactical, P DUO & XC Front Sight
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