What makes the difference in price so great between the XC / XL pistols and the other models?

The XL and XC are competition ready. Although the XC is being carried by police officers, both guns are built with the intent to compete out of the box.

These contrast from the duty nature of the P and C2 which are more base line offerings that can have additions like optic cuts and magwells added.

The XC:
*Compensator Island Barrel
* Dawson Universal Optic cut
* Slide lighting cuts
* Average of 2.5lb. trigger pull
* Limited production
The XL:
* Slide lighting cuts
* 5.4’’ Slide
* 5.4” barrel
* Adjustable rear target sight
* Magwell
* Average of 2.5lb. trigger pull
* Finish options (hard chrome) and DLC barrel
* Limited production
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