• Any of our 9MM, Iron Sight, Non-Compensated pistols can be used in Limited or Limited 10 in minor power factor
    -Not ideal but is”legal”
  • The Staccato XL in 40S&W is ideal for use in Limited and Limited 10Division
  • The Staccato R is legal for use in Single Stack Division and would be ideal in 9MM for minor power or 45ACP for major power factor – Choice would be based on the type of match, stage setup, level of accuracy in target arrays, etc.
  • The Staccato XC would be legal for use in Open Division but not ideal since it is designed for minor power factor
    -You can shoot major power factor out of it but the comps is not designed to dissipate the level of energy that is produced by major power factor so it would not be ideal


  • The Staccato R is the only model we have right now that is IDPA legal
  • We do have other models that might work but they do not “fit in the box” because our ambidextrous safeties are too wide
  • We make bull barreled guns and IDPA only allows bulls barrels in 4.25″ so the C2 would be legal for CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) as would the 4.15 Staccato P but due to the width of the safeties they do not fit the box and are not legal for use


  • All of our Iron Sight Products are legal for use in all divisions and since there is no power factor would be ideal based on the needs of the shooter
  • If the gun has a DUO and an optic on the gun, it would only be legal for use in Open Division
  • The Staccato XL is ideal for use in multi-gun Open division because of its ability to fit into a standard duty holster with retention which is the preferred setup for multi-gun
  • Champion Open 3 Gunner Josh Froelich uses a Staccato XC and dominates the sport with it

Steel Challenge

  • All our iron sight guns are legal for use in Steel Challenge and since there is no power factor can be used based on the needs of the shooter
  • The ideal iron sight steel gun would be the Staccato XL or Staccato R – both in 9mm
  • In Open Division of Steel Challenge, the Staccato XC would be ideal in 9mm
  • You can also use any of our DUO products that are fitted with an Optic

Tactical Games

  • All our Iron sights guns, without a compensator, are Legal for use in Tactical Games
  • The Ideal gun would be a Staccato XL or Staccato P
  • 4-time TG Elite Champion, Jared Halbert, uses a Staccato XL

** Please note that competition rules are subject to change and for any questions, you will need to consult the governing organization of the particular competition.

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Staccato 2011