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Honoring Veterans Day Is Core to Staccato’s Mission

Staccato honors Veterans through original content, partnerships and more

Georgetown, TX:  At Staccato​ 2011, LLC, Veterans Day is a holiday of acknowledgement, reverence, and reflection. Today and every day, Staccato honors Veterans deeply. Veteran-led with Veterans representing over 25% of the company, Staccato is dedicated to thanking those who defend our country and our freedoms.

“Our country’s freedoms and principles are what make the United States unique in this world,” Marine Corps veteran Nate Horvath, CEO, Staccato said. “Every day, military professionals stand on the line to protect our freedoms. For generations, Veterans have defended our nation selflessly and bravely. And for that, we are incredibly grateful for their service and dedication.”

On this Veterans Day, Staccato shares a number of initiatives it has in place to serve and support Veterans.

  • In October, the company announced its new video series – Built for Heroes – that honors our country’s true heroes by sharing stories of Veterans, law enforcement, and military professionals. To commemorate Veterans Day, released today is the story of Bob Keller. U.S. Army Ranger, Special Forces, SMU, husband, and father, Bob Keller dedicated his life to U.S. Army Special Operations, including 14 combat deployments. After retiring in 2020 as a Master Sergeant, Bob continues to give back to his country by teaching and coaching law enforcement and civilians.
  • Throughout the year, Staccato partners with a number of foundations and organizations that serve Veterans, including but not limited to:
  • Warrior’s Heart, an addiction and PTSD treatment center dedicated to serving active military, Veterans, and first responders.
  • Special Operations Care Fund, a non-profit that raises funds to provide medical, financial, and other support to SOF members and their families.
  • Troops First Foundation, a foundation that develops, operates and supports a number of initiatives for today’s combat wounded Veterans.
  • Staccato provides military, law enforcement, veterans, and first responders a discount on pistols and magazines through the company’s Heroes program.

Staccato is grateful for all who have stood on the front line and served our country. We honor these brave men and women this Veterans Day.

Built For Heroes | Military Veteran | Bob

About Staccato: Twenty-five years ago, Staccato (formerly STI) revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a new gun platform, the 2011®. Built with FlaTec™, Staccato 2011® pistols are trusted by elite law enforcement teams like the U.S. Marshals SOG, the Texas Rangers, and LAPD Metro. Staccato pistols are approved for duty by over 250 (Updated Jan, 2021: 280) agencies across the country. Reliable, durable, insanely accurate, safe, and easy to shoot well, Staccato pistols are fast becoming the pistol of choice for shooters of all skill levels ranging from professionals to home defenders to beginners. With a lifetime warranty, Staccato handguns are designed, precision engineered, and handcrafted in Georgetown, Texas, and built with American steel and parts. As an American firearms manufacturer, Staccato is proud that over 25% of its team members are veterans and 100% are patriots.