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Our Story

We Are Staccato

Act With Honor

Based in the heart of Texas, we are veteran-led and over 25% of our team has served our country. Driven to deliver the best of American ingenuity and precision manufacturing, our promise is that we will always have your back. We strive to achieve our best every day – a common bond we share with our family of Staccato owners.


Our Duty

Americans who protect loved ones, communities, our country and our way of life choose Staccato. These heroes shoot their best with our 2011 ® pistols, and we treat every Staccato owner as a member of our family. All of this stands to reason why we continue to innovate and perfect our craft.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Our values define what it means to be part of the Staccato Family.

Always Forward

We pursue excellence every day and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Own It

We are accountable for ourselves, our team, and our company.

Customer Obsessed

We work to exceed our customers' expectations in everything we do.

Act With Honor

We hold our integrity and reputation sacred.

Stand Together

We support and listen to each other and are inclusive.

Stay Humble

We learn from our failures and seek honest feedback.


A Lineage of Innovation

For over 25 years the gun community knew us as STI, the company that evolved John Browning's classic 1911 design into the 2011® gun platform. With its sophisticated ergonomics, increased capacity, and less recoil, our 2011® pistols were embraced by competition shooters for their speed and accuracy. The STI brand was (and arguably still is) the most decorated brand in the competitive shooting world, having won thousands of matches and championships. Flash forward to today: We are Staccato.

Today: Duty-Ready

As Staccato, we continue to evolve the platform we created over a quarter of a century ago by building 2011® handguns that are duty-ready. This means delivering all of the shootability, accuracy, and speed of our competition legacy, but with "out of the box" consistency and reliability required by law enforcement's high qualification standards. To achieve this, we have invested in research and design, and brought precision manufacturing to the art of gunsmithing. The result is a world-class-line-up of 2011® handguns that are reliable, insanely accurate, durable, and easy to shoot well.


Always Forward

Staccato's 2011® platform is manufactured for the tightest tolerances, and assembled by hand. Our research and development protocols continue to stay ahead of the curve.

FlaTec™: Each of our models is designed with FlaTec™ to deliver optimal balance and reduced recoil. American Steel: Our 2011® platform is proudly built using Certified American Billet Steel to ensure consistency and durability. Master Gunsmithing: Gunsmiths hand assemble our guns, ensuring the perfect fit.

2011® Platform

Built For Heroes

Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. Together, we take pride in always striving to improve and represent our country with goodwill and dignity. You have to see it to believe it. Join us on Instagram @staccato2011



Where does the name "Staccato" come from?

The word staccato is a musical term that describes a series of "short, sharply separated sounds." To us, staccato is the sound of bullets pinging off of steel targets in quick succession. We first introduced the name Staccato in 2019 for our duty and personal defense-oriented pistols. This line was incredibly well received by consumers and professionals alike. In 2020, we officially rebranded the entire company under the brand Staccato.