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Blue Line Program

Unlock special discounts with the Blue Line Program, crafted for active-duty law enforcement seeking Staccato 2011® firearms.

Active Duty Verification

Please fill out the form below to apply for the Blue Line Program. Active-duty law enforcement is eligible to receive a 15% discount on the standard version of Staccato 2011® firearms, optic plates, and magazines. In addition, you will receive 4 extra magazines with your purchase (total of 6) of a Staccato CS, Staccato C2, Staccato P, or Staccato XC. Please note, that customization of your Staccato handgun is not included in the discount.

Once you submit your application using the form below, please wait to receive your code before placing your order so the correct discount applies. You will receive an email with your code within 1 business day from the date of your submission.

For additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at (512) 686-3613 or [email protected] with any questions.

Active Duty Discount Form

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