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2-Day Tactical Pistol 2 Course with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts

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*Please note cancellations will only be accepted up to 7 days prior to the class date. No shows on the day of will not be refunded.*

Course Description:

The Tactical Pistol 2 (201) is a 2-day intermediate pistol course designed to equip the modern gunfighter with shooting skills necessary for close range defensive settings. In this intermediate pistol course, students learn the essential pistol skills from 0 to 25 yards. Close range shooting will focus on speed, while shooting at distance will focus on accuracy. Students are constantly exposed to challenging drills designed to shoot under pressure to evaluate knowledge and application. Subjects covered include combat marksmanship, holster drawstroke, gun handling and multiple threats. A major class objective is a rapid drawstroke to deliver accurate fire at close ranges, measured against time and accuracy standards. Additional subjects include shooter diagnostics, movement, strong hand only and ammunition management.

Course Prerequisites:

Basic Pistol 1 or similar. The below drills are suggested as minimum skill requirements to meet the prerequisites. All drills are shot drawing from the holster. The recommended target is the TRICON TCT-MK4 available from Action Target or TRICON B8 target.

Pistol Standard, Golf; at the 5-yard line, draw and fire 5 rounds in 5 seconds for 5 repetitions. Must be below par for each repetition and score 175/250 or higher.

Pistol Standard, Bravo; at the 10-yard line, draw and fire 10 rounds (9 reload 1) in 15 seconds. Must be below par and score 70/100 or higher.

Pistol Standard, India; at the 25-yard line draw and fire 5 rounds in 10 seconds for 2 repetitions. Must be below par for each repetition and score 70/100 points or higher combined.

Required Student Supplied Items:

• Duty pistol, 9mm (red dot sight optional*)
• 1,000 rounds of training ammunition (500 rounds minimum)
• 5 x pistol magazines (8 magazines for single stacks)
• 5 x inert training rounds
• Range attire: long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic shoes, and ball cap
• Basic loadout: rigid belt, on the waistband (OWB) holster, magazine pouches and dump pouch (optional)
• Handheld flashlight
• Multi-tool device
• Wrap around ballistic eye protection
• Hearing protection
• Water, snacks, sunscreen, and appropriate inclement weather clothing
• Firearms cleaning kit and quality lubrication
• Notebook and pencil
• Open mind

*Students are welcome to use RDS equipped pistols but must ensure they are properly zeroed. Recommended zero distance is 25 yards for optimal performance, but regardless students must know their impacts at ranges from 0-25 yards.

Additional Details:

Course will begin in a classroom setting at Staccato Ranch.  Coffee and water will be provided, please bring any snacks or specialty drinks you may need or desire (no alcohol allowed before or during training). Lunch will be provided.

  • 8am start in classroom at 1223 County Road 233 in Florence TX 76527. Follow the signs to our conference room.
  • Total class time is around 8-9 hours per day.

Range portion of training will be at the Ranch at Staccato’s new facility located at 1275 County Road 233 in Florence Texas 76527.

Dress for range should be comfortable clothing and weather specific.  If it rains, we will still train so bring raingear if you require it, sunscreen and hats for hot sunny weather is recommended.

Student needs to be able to stand for long periods of time.  If you require special accommodations or have questions concerning the course, please email us at [email protected]

Your Instructor:

Jeff Gonzales

US Navy SEAL Jeff L. Gonzales is a nationally recognized weapons and tactics instructor. He is the founder and CEO of Trident Concepts, LLC., former director of training for The Range at Austin and current podcast host for the BulletProof Workshop podcast.

Jeff’s background comes from Naval Special Warfare, where he served as a decorated and respected operator and instructor. Participating in numerous combat operations throughout the globe, his duties involved a wide variety of operational and instructional assignments on both the East and West coasts.

Through Trident Concepts’ 20 plus years of experience, Jeff pioneered new advances in weapons and tactics instruction. His unique understanding of adult learning, detailed curriculum development and rigorous adherence to performance standards continue to set him apart from an increasingly crowded field.

In recent years, Jeff has increased his focus on concealed carry. Leveraging his experience operating in non-permissive environments all over the world, Jeff shares his unique knowledge with members of law enforcement, military, and responsibly armed citizens. In this process, he has created lasting relationships and friendships

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