Staccato 2011® T-Series L2 Duty Holster by Blackhawk Holsters



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Staccato 2011 T-Series Duty Holster: • Fits all 3.9”, 4.15”, 4.4”, 5” and 5” compensated duty guns (Omni, DVC-P, Staccato-XC) with mounted light. • Pull tested and approved for duty use with all barrel lengths. • Works with iron sights, as well as most optics currently on the market from Leupold, Trijicon, Aimpoint, Sig, and Holosun. • Works with Surefire x300 u-A/B or x400 (No other duty holster in the market can support these 3 lights in one holster) • Black, and Black Basket weave. • Compatible with aftermarket mounting accessories from Blackhawk. T-series works for non-optic ready models as well, and with the surefire x300 u-a, u-b, and x400