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Staccato P - Cosmetic Blem


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All Staccato 2011® Cosmetic Blemished pistols are covered under our standard lifetime warranty with the exception of the anodized frame coating. Cosmetic Blemished pistols are 100% mechanically functional and are not hindered in function or safety in any way.

Example blemishes can include but are not limited to:

  • A small scratch or ding on slide, frame, or barrel

  • Color variation in finish coating on slide, frame, or barrel

Blem pistols are sold as is and cannot be customized.

All pistols listed here are aluminum frame unless otherwise specified.

Staccato P

Built for professionals and embraced by home defenders, Staccato pistols are approved for duty by over 1300 law enforcement agencies across the country, and carried by thousands of active duty officers. The Staccato P is chosen for its proven durability, reliability, accuracy, and performance. Protect yourself and your family with the gun trusted by America’s heroes.

Designed with FlaTec™, our 2011® pistols help shooters of all levels shoot like a professional.

The Staccato P with optic option ships with a front sight which is designed to co-witness with industry leading full-sized red dot optics such as the Leupold Delta Point Pro, Holosun 508/509, Trijicon RMR, and others; to add an optic, the appropriate Staccato 2011® optic mounting plate must be purchased. Optics, mounting plates, and kits are sold separately.

When purchasing an optic-ready Staccato firearm on Staccato2011.com, we will provide FREE mounting and red dot zeroing with the purchase of a red dot optic and the required optic plate for your 2011® pistol.

*Co-witness sights are required by all major Law Enforcement agencies when red dot optics are authorized for use.*

For CALIFORNIA, if you are not an active law enforcement officer, you CANNOT purchase any Staccato firearm

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