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Staccato XL


With less disruptive energy transferred to you, the Staccato XL allows you to engage multiple targets quickly.


The XL includes a red dot kit which covers hardware to mount the Trijicon RMR, SRO, RMRHD, RCR, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Holosun 507C, 508T, 507Competition. Optics not listed will require the purchase of a mounting kit. Free optic mounting and zeroing when you purchase with us.

Weapon Lights

Stay prepared with industry-leading weapon lights. When combined with our Staccato 2011® pistol, you'll have the confidence you need regardless of the situation.

Additional Magazines

Your handgun ships with 2 x 17 round magazines. Add additional magazines to your order and spend less time reloading.

Availability: Estimated 30-60 Days


Lifetime Warranty

Made In USA

Free Optic Mounting

With hundreds of USPSA, 3-Gun, and Tactical Games under its belt, the Staccato XL is the ultimate competitor. Range and competition shooters looking to shoot their personal best choose the Staccato XL for its light, fast-cycling slide, and a long sight radius. No matter your skill level, this gun is extremely fun to shoot and target ready.

Cover plates and co-witness height sights for the Leupold Delta Point Pro, Trijicon RMR are included in the Staccato® Tactical Optic system. Optic-specific Staccato® mounting plates are included.

When purchasing an optic-ready Staccato firearm on Staccato2011.com, we will provide FREE mounting and red dot zeroing with the purchase of a red dot optic and the required optic plate for your 2011® pistol.

For CALIFORNIA, if you are not an active law enforcement officer, you CANNOT purchase any Staccato firearm

Faster Splits

The Ultimate Competitor

With less disruptive energy transferred to you, the Staccato XL allows you to engage multiple targets quickly.


Made In USA

Technical Specification


9x19 mm

17+1 or 20+1 Capacity


2.5 lb

Crisp & clean single action pull


5.4” Bull Barrel

Available in Stainless Steel & DLC


38 oz

Without optic & no magazine



4140 Steel - Billet Precision Machined

Recoil System

5.4″ Tool less

Dawson Precision® Tool Less Recoil System


9.1” x 1.5” x 5.9”

Width at grip is 1.3”



Comes with 2 x 17 Round Magazines

Technical Specification

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