2024 Announcements

All-New For 2024

Always Forward

We're excited to introduce the Staccato C, 9mm Ammunition, and our Staccato Ranch experience.


Staccato C

All Purpose, Staccato

The Staccato C is a 4-inch pistol that is the perfect all-purpose handgun. Small enough for concealed carry and big enough for on duty and home defense. Available Summer of 2024.

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We Made The Best For You

Staccato Match and Range Ammo

With Staccato Ammunition, we are offering terrific ammo at a fair price that will always be available if you are a member of our 368 Staccato community.

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Staccato 9mm Ammo

Purpose built for Staccato shooters to perfectly complement their 2011® pistols and enhance their shooting experience.

Staccato Ranch

The Shooting Enthusiast's Playground

Welcome to Staccato Ranch. From the creators of 2011®, the best shooting pistols in the world, comes a remarkably fun, social and memorable shooting experience available to all skill levels of shooting—from novice to pro.