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Staccato C Launch

Published: June 21, 2024|By Staccato

Staccato C Launch


Staccato is proud to announce the launch of the new Staccato C. This addition to our line combines everything you’ve come to know and love about Staccato pistols in a do-all format designed to fill a wide variety of roles. If you have not joined the Staccato family yet, this is a great first Staccato to own. The Staccato C may be our most well-rounded offering to date, as it is small enough for concealed carry and big enough for duty and defense. It is All Purpose, Staccato.


One of our core values is “always forward”, and the Staccato C carries with it some key enhancements we’ve made to the Staccato 2011® design – several of which it shares with its smaller sibling, the Staccato CS. We’ve widened the frame slightly to sit flush with the slide. In addition to improving slide-frame fit, the wide frame enhances durability and adds a small amount of non-reciprocating mass to the lower half of the pistol which aids in reducing felt recoil. The internal frame rails feature lubricating grooves that hold oil to keep your pistol running smoother for longer, and the dustcover rail will accept a full-sized weapon light.

The aluminum FlaTec™ frame will be available with either a compact or full-size grip module, both built around our new magazine design that was introduced with the CS. This magazine is more compact and optimized specifically for 9mm ammunition without sacrificing capacity. The resulting grip modules are slimmer and shorter, making them both easier to conceal and more comfortable for a wider range of hand sizes. Compact magazines hold 15+1 rounds, and full-size magazines hold 17+1 rounds. When these magazines were unveiled with the release of the Staccato CS, they had a 16+1 round capacity. Since then, we’ve found that by decreasing the capacity one round, we can greatly improve the functional service life of the magazine spring as well as make it easier to insert and seat fully-loaded mags on a closed slide. So, moving forward, compact magazines will all hold 15 rounds. It should be noted that there is no change to the magazine body, baseplate, or external dimensions. This is simply an update to the spring and follower. (Note: If you have compact magazines that are original 16-round capacity, we are happy to exchange your spring and follower. Please contact our customer experience team directly for this.)


The 4-inch stainless steel barrel features full-length flutes and contour cuts at the chamber that are aesthetically matched to the slide serrations. With many law enforcement departments mandating a minimum 4-inch barrel length on service pistols, this makes the C a viable choice to serve alongside those in uniform while still being optimally sized for plain-clothes work or daily carry. The Staccato C’s recoil system uses a full-length tool-less guide rod with reverse plug and a single flat wire spring. But the most noticeable change may be the external extractor that was also introduced with the CS. Traditional 2011 extractors require hand fitting and tension tuning. With our new external design, extractor tension is applied by a separate spring, providing more uniform tension over a longer service life. Because of this, the extractors themselves can be manufactured more consistently, making them faster and easier to replace if needed.


Our team strives to represent the best America has to offer in both technical ingenuity and the care of its customers. The new C is an embodiment of these ideals, combining the latest

technological advancements to the 2011 platform with the quality and care that is hallmark to our “customer obsessed” approach. Truly built for everyone, the C offers increased performance over sub-compacts while still being comfortable to wear and easy to conceal.

The Staccato C has an MSRP of $2,599. Configuration options include DLC barrel, flat trigger and X Series serrations.

Purchasing a 2011 means more than simply buying a handgun. We consider our customers our family, and we want to be there for you over the course of your entire shooting journey – whether it be recreational, competitive, or professional. Whether you’re looking for training to improve your skills, ammunition to keep your Staccato running smooth, or a destination trip to Staccato Ranch where you can witness our work first-hand and be surrounded by fellow Americans who embrace their Constitutional liberties, we promise to support you however we can in the pursuit of your happiness.

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