As an American firearms’ manufacturer, we honor the Heroes who protect our freedoms. We are pleased to provide Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Veterans a discount on firearms and magazines through our Heroes Program.


10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Veterans, First Responders
Law enforcement (including retired), Military, Veterans, and first responders (EMS/firefighters) are eligible for a 10% discount on all Staccato 2011® firearms and magazines when purchased online on Staccato2011.com. This discount is verified in the Staccato2011.com online store checkout process. During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to verify your credentials online to receive the 10% discount immediately. You do not need to contact Staccato for the code.

15% Discount for Active Duty Law Enforcement and Military
If you are active law enforcement or military who plans to use a Staccato 2011® pistol for duty, you are eligible for a 15% discount on firearms and magazines. To receive this active duty 15% discount, contact Staccato via email ([email protected]) or phone (512) 686-3613. Once your active duty credentials are verified by Staccato, you will be sent a unique coupon code for use in the Staccato2011.com online store. In addition, if you purchase a Staccato P or P DPO for active duty use, you will receive three (3) additional magazines with your order.
Please note: dealers MAY charge a transfer fee for Hero Program Transfers.

Finding The Right Staccato

Our top selling models among law enforcement, military, and first responders are the Staccato P and the Staccato C2. Each of these models have the option to be optics-ready.

Approved by Law Enforcement Across the Country

Over 280 law enforcement agencies across the country have approved Staccato 2011® pistols for duty use. Law enforcement embraces Staccato not only for our high-performing pistols, but also for the ongoing support that includes training. Major departments include:

  • Carson City Sheriff’s Department
  • Harris County Sheriff’s Department
  • Houston Police Department
  • Las Vegas Metro Police Department
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Long Beach Police Department
  • Petersburg Alaska Police Department
  • Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
  • Texas Rangers
  • Unified Police Department

If you have additional questions about The Staccato Heroes Program, you can reach us at

[email protected] (512) 686-3613