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Bladetech Tek-Mount™ Safariland Holster Adapter

Availability: Ships Within 2-4 Business Days


Many law enforcement and military professionals rely on Safariland® holsters in the line of duty. The Tek-Mount™ Safariland Holster Adapter Kit allows Safariland® holsters to be used with the Tek-Mount - Quick Connect Mounting System. This Safariland holster adapter system will enable your Safariland® holster to be canted in 10-degree increments a full 360 degrees. For people familiar with the Safariland® QLS this holster mount system provides the same function, speed, and ease of use as the Safariland holster mount system, but with the added ability to cant your holster instantly without the use of screws or posts. Don't settle for limited adjustability and function when you can upgrade your Safariland® holster with the Tek-Mount - Quick Connect Mounting System.


Enables Safariland® holsters to work with the Tek-Mount - Quick Connect Mounting System.

36 Cant Positions / 360 Degrees
Enables Safariland® holsters to be canted in 36 different positions instantly without the use of screws or posts when used with a Tek-Mount receiver.

Quick Connect Mounting
Enables Safariland® holsters to be mounted and removed quickly allowing you to customize your carry set up instantly without screws or posts.

Slim and Discreet
Low profile design is made to be tough yet non-obtrusive. 

Easy Setup
Can be easily installed onto your Safariland® Holster in under one minute.

Duty Strong and USA Made
Made in The USA with high-strength glass filled polymer for superior durability.


1x Tek-Mount 360 Insert Disk
1x Safariland® Converter
1x 3/16" Cut Post
2x 3/4" Truss Head Screws
2x 5/8" Truss Head Screws
2x 5/16" Truss Head Screws
3x 1/8" Rubber Spacer
3x 1/4" Rubber Spacer

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