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If the time ever comes when you are your family’s first line of defense, our standards guarantee that you can act according to plan.


Upgrade Accuracy

The better we shoot, the closer we are to the target, the more locked in we are for family and freedom. And that means we get to stay closer with those we love.

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2011® Platform

Duty-Ready Quality

Thousands of law enforcement officers across the country carry Staccato on duty. These brave men and women trust Staccato to protect lives. Guns must pass rigorous evaluations before being approved for duty use. Our handguns have not failed a single department evaluation.

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Built For Heroes

Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. Together, we take pride in always striving to improve and represent our country with goodwill and dignity. You have to see it to believe it. Join us on Instagram @staccato2011