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New Shooters

We believe anyone can enjoy learning to shoot, become confident shooters, and feel empowered to protect themselves.

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No matter your experience, the fundamentals of shooting remain the same and we’re here to make applying these fundamentals easier and more enjoyable.

From your first 5-yard target to your first 25-yard shot, you’ll continue to feel empowered and eager for more. Our 2011® platform includes a variety of handguns fit for achieving your goals.

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2011® Platform

A Growing Community

The Staccato 2011® platform is the #1 choice among the biggest names in competition shooting, private gun owners, and more than 1,500+ law enforcement agencies across the country. Here, you’re family and we will treat you as such.

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Built For Heroes

Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. Together, we take pride in always striving to improve and represent our country with goodwill and dignity. You have to see it to believe it. Join us on Instagram @staccato2011