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"Every day, our military professionals stand on the line to protect our freedoms. For generations, veterans have defended our nation selflessly, and bravely. And for that, we are incredibly grateful." - Nate Horvath, CEO, Staccato (Marine Corps Veteran)

Service & Dedication

An Oath To Country

A veteran’s oath to serve and protect their country does not end with retirement or a DD214 form – it’s lifelong. It’s precious. With over 25% of our company having served our country, we understand what it means to need the best possible tools to do your job. Like you, we strive relentlessly to achieve our best every day, always looking for ways to constantly improve.

We thank you for your service and will always have your back. Through our Heroes Program, veterans and military professionals are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Staccato firearms. Visit the Heroes page to learn more.

Heroes Program

2011® Platform

American Ingenuity

We only use American Steel, materials, and parts. Combined with FlaTec™, precision manufacturing, and Master Gunsmith expertise, we produce the unmatched performance of our 2011® platform.

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Our Stories

Built For Heroes

Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. Together, we take pride in always striving to improve and represent our country with goodwill and dignity. You have to see it to believe it. Join us on Instagram @staccato2011