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Aiming for anything less than the gold standard isn’t an option. Deliver winning confidence with an ergonomic grip, razor-sharp accuracy, and great speed.

Blue-Ribbon Precision

Complete Performance

Designed with FlaTec™, our 2011® pistols help shooters of all levels shoot like a professional. Incredibly fast, flat, and accurate, shooting with our handguns feels like a win, every time.

Shootability and confidence are rooted in the design of our 2011® platform. Especially when the stakes are high, you deserve a handgun that can keep up with your training and dedication to the sport.

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2011® Platform

Unmatched Efficiency

At Staccato, mechanics never take a back seat. Our 2011® platform is made in America and assembled with the utmost craftsmanship.

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Built For Heroes

Our Staccato family grows stronger by the day. Together, we take pride in always striving to improve and represent our country with goodwill and dignity. You have to see it to believe it. Join us on Instagram @staccato2011